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The Mavericks Eps 6: Farah Fortune

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Pitbull in Heels, Farah Fortune is a PR marvel and brand manager who has dominated the industry in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. In this episode she is celebrating Madiba with former Liverpool players, by setting his memory in stone. Facebook: Instagram: @fcfortune Twitter: @fcfortune Facebook: @TheMavericksSABC3 Instagram: @themaverickssa Twitter: @TheMavericksS3 Catch The Mavericks Mondays at 20:30 on SABC 3! #Thestageisyours Watch the full episode here at 21:00! In the new lifestyle entertainment series The Mavericks we meet successful South African entrepreneurs as they pursue new dreams. We are introduced to trailblazers, self-made millionaires and innovators...
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