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TRUE Locations Of Israel AND Jerusalem FOUND!! It’s Not Where You Think!!

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A DOCUMENTARY! BONUS!! ALSO SHOWING THE REAL MOUNT SINAI AND MOUNT ZION!!! THE WORLD’S BEST KEPT SECRETS UNTIL NOW!!!! THE WORLD IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!! HAVE WE BEEN LIED TO ON SUCH A GRAND SCALE?! HAVE WE BEEN LIED TO FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS?! In this video, you will see the TRUE Restored Locations of Ancient Scriptural Places — Places such as Jerusalem, Mount Zion, Ophir, Gibeon, Beersheba, AND MORE!!! You will also see Ancient Maps from as early as the 15th century, and even Ancient Maps nearly 500 years old containing Scriptural Locations such as Babylon, Ammon, and...
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