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"CRUMBS IN EVERY BAG" - Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis + B. Dolan) feat. Eligh [official video]

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"Crumbs In Every Bag" is the second video from Epic Beard Men's debut LP "This Was Supposed To Be Fun"! ALL INFO: UK/EU Tour kicks off in July 2019! All tour info at Stream "TWSTBF" on all digital platforms NOW! Vinyl LP/CD/Cassette + exclusive Deluxe Packages at + get an INSTANT MP3 Download of the full album! VIDEO CREDITS: Shot by Andy Bates-Ribezzo Edited by Weston Woodbury AUDIO CREDITS: Beat by Romero Shaw, B. Dolan, DS3K Additional vocals by Eligh Bass: Mike Brown Drums: Mark Bell Electric Piano: Steve Okonski Violins: Jenavieve Varga Live instruments tracked by...
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