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Die Antwoord - Baita Jou Sabela feat. Slagysta (Official Video)

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The official music video for “Baita Jou Sabela feat. Slagysta” by Die Antwoord. Stream and download “Baita Jou Sabela feat. Slagysta”: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Edited by ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER Cinematography by PAUL GILPIN Produced by JON DAY Art Directed by LEN COCKRAFT ¥o-landi's hoodie by SYLVIA VAN HEERDEN ¥o-landi's make-up by ALICE COLORITI Graphic Design by LERI! Colourist: REGARDT VOGES Cast co-ordinators: FOKROT and MASILON Special Thanks: NIC AND PHILIP DOBLE @ PANAVISION CAPE TOWN MICHELE ST ARNAUD @ PANALUX CAPE TOWN Shot on location inside ZEFSIDE CORRECTIONAL SERVICE Lyrics for “Baita Jou Sabela feat....
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