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#TsekCorona! (Welcome to Cape Town) - David Kramer's KaapKreools Collective (Official Video)

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#TsekCorona! is a music video with a positive stay-at-home message from South Africa during the country's Covid-19 lockdown. It features rewritten lyrics to the hit song "Welcome to Cape Town" by original writer, David Kramer. #TsekCorona! is performed by the KaapKreools Collective featuring Emo Adams and Loukmaan Adams (vocals), David Kramer (guitar), Schalk Joubert (bass), Camillo Lombard (keys), Donveno Prins (sax) and Tim Rankin (percussion). The video is produced by Cape Town Music Academy NPC (CTMA) and supported by the Suidooster Festival. It also features footage of Cape Town celebrities and members of the public dancing in isolation in their...
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